If your writing is artless and sloppy, people may assume your thinking is the same. If you fail to convince them that they should care about your message, they won’t care. They may even decide you’re not worth doing business with. 

Business writing is an essential everyday skill that you need if you want to be successful in the modern day, ever changing workplace. 

That is why The Art of Business English have designed the course "Effective Written Communication for Business". To help you gain the fundamental skills to make your writing professional, clear and concise. 

Course Duration in Hours: 70
Skill Level: Advanced

This is an advanced level spoken English programme for speakers of other languages designed to teach communicative soft skills related to the effective delivery of presentations within the organisation.

This programme is specifically designed to teach two key areas:

  1. Effective presentation skills, both online and in-person
  2. English vocabulary and expressions for effective presentation delivery

What differentiates this programme from other presentation skills workshops is that it teaches students the latest in public speaking skills, with the benefit being that these skills are transferable to the student’s native language. Meaning, effective public speaking skills are universal and not language specific.

Secondly, the programme builds in all of the necessary English language skills to allow students to deliver an engaging and clear presentation using the English language.

This programme will make use of ideas found in the “Harvard Business Review guide to persuasive presentations” and “Presenting in English” by Mark Powell.

This programme is an:

  • integrated skills
  • advanced language
  • topic-specific
  • asynchronous learner autonomy
  • hybrid model

It has been designed to mix the 5 main skills; listening, reading, writing, grammar and speaking, to promote language adoption.

Finally, as mentioned above, this programme is a hybrid-based model, in that students will benefit from live online sessions which can be booked flexibly via our online booking system. Furthermore, students will have access to a Learning Management System (LMS) 24/7, with course videos, audios, forums and exercises. The work outside of the live online sessions is an integral part of the course and is required to ensure students complete the programme successfully.

Skill Level: Beginner

Business English Expressions Online Course

Do you need to speak English at work? 

Are you tired of using the same vocabulary and not being able to express yourself clearly? 

Would you like to learn new vocabulary specifically for business and impress your colleagues and work mates?

Well, I have got just what you are looking for. 

On my course “Business Expressions” I deliver 14 engaging lessons packed with useful vocabulary that you can start to use at work. 

The course divides the vocabulary into useful business topic areas such as:

  • Collocations and idioms 
  • Persuasive expressions for negotiating
  • Collocations for plans and decision making
  • Idioms for negotiating 
  • Business collocations with “make” and “do”
  • Business collocations with “take”
  • Adjective to noun collocations for business
  • Verb to noun collocations for business
  • “Cool” words for now, to impress your colleagues
  • Expressions for talking about failure
  • How to talk about profitability 
  • Ten expressions for speculating 
  • Weak vs strong collocations 
  • Inspirational collocations to motivate


In each lesson you will learn the meaning of each expressions, and how you can use the expressions in the correct context. 

You will also learn how to pronounce the words correctly so that you sound more native. 

If that is not all, you can also practice the correct use of the expressions with the lesson quizzes to help you learn and use the expressions correctly. 

So if you want to sound more confident and more fluent speaking English at work, then enrol in my “Business Expressions” online course now.

Skill Level: Intermediate

This 100% video based online course is the complete programme designed for anyone who wants to quickly and easily learn how to share their passion for teaching with the world. The course will help you understand all of the technology, breakdown any of the barriers you may feel and provide you with all the tips and know how, for planning and delivering engaging language classes.

In each lesson, we explore and apply conceptual skills for communication and teaching, and coach you to craft and deliver more concise and clear lessons through digital mediums.

We hold your hand through each step of the process, from the very basics and minimal setup, right through to advanced setups and starting your own online business.

The How to teach languages online course is led by Andrew James Ambrosius Gibbney, who brings over 10-years’ business English coaching experience to the course. Andrew has been a teacher and teacher trainer and has worked running his own English language school since 2008. He is also the founder of The Art of Business English podcast series and has been teaching online for 5 years. He brings his wealth of knowledge to the course so that you can learn without making all of the typical mistakes

If you want a fast-track system without making all of the usual mistakes and wasting time and precious money then this course is 100% for you.

This outcomes-focused training is exclusively for individuals who want to take back control of their life and schedule and gain the freedom to live, work and travel anywhere in the world. 

Skill Level: Beginner