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03 Mar 2022
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Business English Expressions

Business English Expressions Online CourseDo you need to speak English at work? Are you tired of us...

13 Apr 2020
Online courses

How to teach languages online

This 100% video based online course is the complete programme designed for anyone who wants to qu...

18 Dec 2020
Virtual Class Rooms


17 Oct 2018
General English

Intermediate English (B1)

This is the intermediate grammar course of the Castells Immerscom on-line course series. On this cou...

18 Oct 2016
General English

Pre-intermediate grammar

This pre-intermediate grammar course is designed for students who have an A2 level of English and wi...

16 Jul 2017
General English

A Short Course in Communication Skills

A short course in communication skills for non-native speakers of English. This course is designed t...

09 Apr 2019
General English


This is the upper-intermediate general English course. 

10 Feb 2020
Business English

Confidence in Business Meetings

What is the "Confidence in Business Meetings" online courseThis online course is designed to teach...

18 Dec 2019
Business English

How to engage people in conversation

Do you feel shy when you have to socialise in English? Are you missing out on networking and relatio...

16 Oct 2019
Business English

Powerful Presentation SGCP

This ​​​100% online, 4-week programme is designed for executives who want to enhance their Eng...

13 Jan 2019
Business English

Advanced email writing

This is an advanced level writing course for students who wish to perfect their writing skills withi...

13 Jan 2019
Business English

Intermediate Email Writing

Intermediate level course for students who wish to improve their email writing skills.

04 Mar 2018
English Certification

Confidence in FCE

28 Feb 2018
English Certification

Confidence in CAE

Course description: Cambridge advanced exams cover writing, reading, grammar, listening and speakin...

01 Nov 2020
Business vocabulary

Business Idioms 1

The Art of Business English presents business idioms 1 online course

30 Apr 2021

How to Participate Confidently in Business Meetings

Attending meetings is an everyday part of business, but when those meetings are not in your native l...

25 Mar 2021

How to describe trends in business

When speaking English we often need to describe trends in business and the economy. On this course y...

14 Mar 2021

Phrasal verbs for socialising

The AOBE micro-course that teaches you essential phrasal verbs for socialising. 

13 Feb 2021

30 common mistakes in English

The AOBE micro-course that teaches you the 30 most common mistakes in English and how to avoid them....

22 Apr 2021
Podcast Series

The Art of Business English Podcast

This online platform gives you access to all of the Art of Business English podcast episode resource...

20 May 2021
Sample Courses

Confidence in Business Meetings Free Sample Course

How to Confidently Participate in Business MeetingsA Step-By-Step Guide To Participating Confiden...

15 May 2021
Sample Courses

Excellence in Email Writing Sample Course

DescriptionThis is a sample lesson of the course "Excellence in email writing". Designed to help you...

14 May 2021
Sample Courses

Business Idioms Sample Course

DescriptionYou have been studying English for a long time and feel that you have a wide range of voc...